When looking for a trip to book into this Summer, do something different. Pick an adventure out of your comfort zone, that will you teach you something new, that will transform you and leave you wanting more.

Each and every multiday trip is totally one-of-a-kind and makes these adventures extra special for the travellers involved. Yes, multiday trips can be harder to organise, get time off work for and are a little more expensive than a day trip. It is not until you have experienced a multiday trip that you can understand the true pleasure in this type of adventure.

Its slow travel at its finest; without a strict itinerary and with days open to exploring the surroundings, you find yourself loosing track of time and leaving all of your day-to-day worries behind. You can totally remove yourself from the everyday stresses of life, unplug from technology, immerse yourself in nature and live in the present.

I write this as it rains outside in only the way mid-July highlands New Zealand can. Reminiscing of the warm Summer days down riverside of the Rangitikei, dreaming of camping under starry skies and diving into one of the most untouched river sections in NZ.

Here are my recommendations for the most exciting unique multi-day trips to take this Summer.

1. The Epic Rangitikei – A 3-Day Rafting Trip with Everything!

Duration: 3 Days
Cost: $1090 per adult – Minimum age 13 years
Minimum Group Size of 2 Adults
Season: 1st November to 31st March

This is the first trip down the Rangitikei River of this kind, launching in November 2017.

This trip incorporates many of the highlights of our other rafting trips, both day and multi day trips. These highlights include beautiful scenic sections of river with dramatic scenery, plus pretty (and comfortable) river side campsites.

However, what really sets this trip apart, is that it also includes rafting one of the best commercial sections of white water in New Zealand, the Grade 5 section of the Rangitikei River.

This is an all-inclusive trip, including one night’s accommodation at River Valley Lodge the night before, all meals and drinks, riverside camping equipment and rafting gear.

Launch date: 17th November – 19th November 2017 – Limited Spaces Available!

2. The Lodge to Lodge Overnight Horse Trek

Duration: 2 Days
Cost: $945 per person – Minimum Group size of 2.
Single supplement (traveling as a single and wanting your own room) an extra $50 per night
Season: 1st January to 30th March

A two day horseback adventure exploring the Rangitikei River and back country hills of the Rangitikei area. This beautiful scenic horse trek is topped-off with a little bit of luxury with the first night stay in a deluxe riverside room at River Valley Lodge and the second night stay at Tarata Fishaway Lodge.

3.      The Rangitikei Explorer

Duration: 5 Days and 6 Nights
Cost: $1390 per Adult, $1190 per Youth
Minimum Group Size of 2 Adults
Season: 15th October to 30th March

On this incredible near-week long rafting trip, you may be some of the soul rafters on this remote, secluded river. You will encounter few (if any) people as you take in how the canyon walls rise dramatically from the river, appreciate clear fresh water, and relax at camp sites that are quiet and secluded.

This trip covers approximately 80 km’s of the Rangitikei River, from River Valley Lodge to Rathmoy Lodge which you will experience both of – on the night before and the last night of the trip.  The Rangitikei River Explorer is five days on the river, with four nights camping on the river in some idyllic camping spots.

You can check out the full list of our multiday trips here.

If you have any questions about any of our trips, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our wonderful Adventure Consultants.