2023 Already

Where a Conversation Went

Before I wrote this post, I spent some time reading what I had written in previous years at this time.

Some of what I had written was about hope for the future, some of it was about spending time with family and friends, and some of it was a recap of what had gone on over the previous months. I thought to myself, what to write about this year?  This is where a conversation went.

This morning, I was having a coffee with our youngest daughter, Kate, and we talked about her business – Penny Sage, a woman’s high-end clothing brand (check it out at www.pennysage.com). We talked about the challenges she has. These challenges include all the normal ones, staffing, work/life balance, finances and so on, plus the ethical side of wanting to make a positive difference.

Kate is passionate about ethical sourcing of fabrics, paying her staff and contractors well, minimising her carbon footprint, keeping as much capability in New Zealand as possible, and producing garments that will be treasured for years.

I sympathised and identified with much of what she said and the challenges she faces.

For all the rhetoric around being green and socially responsible, it is not an easy road, and maybe it shouldn’t be. However, as a business owner for decades and someone who is also passionate about much of what Kate identifies so strongly with, I recognise that being able to live well within yourself is just as or maybe even more important than financial reward. That is not to say you can ignore the need to make a profit, but profit is just one part, not the whole.

A part of this journey recognises that places like River Valley, or brands like Penny Sage, are not for everyone. This is not some elitist statement. Instead, it is a statement of reality.

We exist because people like you, our guests and customers, also treasure in some way the values we hold dear – not to mention the value you place on what we provide.

So, I would like to use this end-of-year post to thank you all for supporting businesses like ours. Businesses who think it is essential to leave a legacy of trying to make the world a better place.

So from all of us, have a fun-filled and happy Xmas and a New Year that brings joy to you and yours.

Brian Megaw

Merry Christmas