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Family multi day rafting trip, Rangitikei River, New Zealand

Afloat With Three Men, Two Children And Two Boats At the back of all our minds was - "What if the weather really packs it in and we have a cold Autumn storm come through. Winds, rain and plummeting temperatures. Cold children, packing wet cold gear each morning, putting on wet gear, having to [...]

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What to take on a multi day rafting or horseback riding adventure

What Do You Think Makes up The Essentials? There you are. You have booked your multi day adventure, either rafting or horseback riding, and it has come time to pack. Time to pack "The Essentials". Now packing the essentials has somewhat different meanings to different people. Even with the aid of the recommended [...]

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Adventure tourism business end of season, staff relations

What's Involved in the Big Wrap Up? January and February are frantic. Lots of people, mountains of food, staff a little stressed with busyness, vehicles dashing here and there picking up and dropping off, horse treks off over the hills, rafts and inflatable kayaks on water every day on a number of different trips. [...]

Exploring the Rangitikei River, North Island, New Zealand

You Know - It's All About The Meaning of Life and What to Cook for Dinner The section of the Rangitikei River from River Valley Lodge to the sea does not exceed Grade 2 (very easy), with long stretches with no rapids worth the name at all. After the first 50 [...]

Rangitikei River name, the legend of Hau

The Day To Take Great Strides Hau, an ancient Maori warrior, had been on the journey from Taranaki for many days. He had crossed rivers, trudged through swamps, climbed hills and traveled bush clad trails in pursuit of his errant wife and her lover. Perhaps feeling that those he chased were [...]

Central North Island adventures, New Zealand

5 Great Summer Adventures in the Central North Island of New Zealand The central North Island of New Zealand is deservedly well known for Tongariro National Park and the mighty volcanoes of Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Rupaehu that stand majestically at its heart. These mountains are home to New Zealand's largest ski fields, Whakapapa and [...]

Avoiding complacency and burn out with adventure guiding staff

The Escape from Complacency Snowflakes swirled around us, while low hanging dark clouds obscured the majesty of the surrounding mountains. No one really voiced what we were all thinking, namely we had to be crazy. Why would anybody go on a river trip in conditions like that? Have you ever wondered [...]

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