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Outstanding Rivers of New Zealand

What Do You Know About New Zealand's Outstanding Rivers? I have never encountered wind like it on a river trip. Luckily it was blowing either downstream, or across river. I struggled to keep my fully loaded gear raft going where I wanted it to. When the raft got sideways to the [...]

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What difference does water flow make to a rafting experience

What is the Difference Between A High Water and A Low Water Rafting Experience? Ants and crew running the bottom drop in Foamy Rapid at high flows A question we are often asked is, how does a rafting trip at high water differ from one at low water? To answer this I thought [...]

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Survey results multi day adventure tours

What Was The Deal With The "C" Word Survey? The "C" word drags up all sorts of connotations - a quiet snigger here or a look of - "What, you are not going to talk about that word in a River Valley Newsletter are you?" Well we are going to go [...]

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